Just A Little Crazy

Things have been a bit chaotic around here in EC land. I am preparing for a crafts show and some disconcerting things have happened. First of all the event folks took forever to send their decision as to my being a vendor. Then I had three weeks worth of severe hay fever. Those powerful pink antihistamines are not conducive to thoughtful creating so my foggy brain and incessant sneezing kept me from being as productive as I needed to be. Then I hurt my flippin’ thumb! Luckily it is my left thumb but cutting fabric and pinning stuff is no fun and is slowing me down. But, I will not be defeated. I will be ready for my two day adventure — I hope.


Library Craft Fair

I participated in my first library craft fair today. It was kind of cool. As I sat there nervously busying myself and hoping someone would like my stuff I began to wonder if I was too shy for this kind of thing. Maybe selling my wares online exclusively might be a better option. But as time passed, the kind smiles, gracious compliments and creative suggestions of the customers and the vendors helped me to reach a serene comfort level. When I first arrived my head was feeling slightly achy and my shoulders were tense and non-responsive to my positive self-talk. Thanks to the friendliness of the people I met there, those maladies subsided and the day turned out really nice. I intend to do more shows in the near future. I do have to get busy making more items to sell. My goods were a little sparse–too many of my fabric endeavours don’t make the cut and go straight to my sample pile. I am much too hard on myself when it comes to critiquing my work.

I sold some beautiful pieces and some that I didn’t think would sell actually sold. Surprises can be a good thing sometimes.

I have not forgotten my principles and elements examples. In fact, they are all already cut out and just need stitching. Deciding whether to hand or machine stitch them is keeping my procrastination skills in shape regarding this project. I chose to make the demos from felt because it is fun to cut and it is easy to illustrate shapes with it.