Craft Book Challenge

CBC No.2 — Floral Reef

Okay so, the gnarled looking pretty mess below was born from a book by M. Joan Lintault, Connecting Quilts, Art & Textiles. The works in the book connect textiles in all manner of creative ways so I decided to try and adhere to those principals.

I spread out some water soluble stabilizer and sandwiched a bunch of pastel colored fibers together with a few iron on floral appliques between it. Pinned all of the layers and stitched a grid on the surface so that when I washed out the stabilizer, it wouldn’t completely fall apart. I love the colorway and the textures which remind me of coral reef which is why I named the piece “Floral Reef.” I plan on using it as the springboard for an art quilt project.

The apple colored silk fabric underneath was used just as a backdrop for the photo. Oh, please forgive the paint splattered work table mat. I admit it. I’m one of those messy artist types.


Craft Book Challenge

CBC No. 1 — Crystal Pillow

This is the first piece from my Craft Book Challenge (CBC). I created the pillow from a design in the book, Silk Unraveled called “Crystal Pillow.” It came out pretty good except for the buckling in the back which cannot be seen in the photo. I think I overstuffed it. Ugh!

Anyway, it was challenging cutting out and stitching the muslin crystal top layer. The best part was finally using some sari silk that I had been hesitant to use because it’s so delicate and beautiful. But, I took the plunge and cut it into narrow strips which produced the colorful spiraled layer under the crystal shape. The background is lightweight denim. I glued a flower cut from some floral trim onto the center.