More About Color

Continuing with the color studies, mini fabric collage art quilts took over my studio once again. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time thinking over the work. I wanted it to be an intuitive exercise. These abstract quilts are all 6″ x 9″ and have a felt backing.

“pieced” – Gray denotes neutrality and self-control. It also symbolizes security and dependability. Taking those things into consideration, I decided to piece this little art quilt. Piecing is normally done in a very controlled way using precise cutting, seams and paper patterns. Although I serendipitously pieced using no pattern nor precise seams or fussy cutting, the geometric nature of the design kind of gives the quilt a feeling of stability. I usually raw edge applique everything so this was a change for me. The photo is hazy due to camera shake but I decided to post it this way because I think it gives the quilt a bleak quality. Gloominess can also have a seat at the gray table depending on how the color is used.

“just breathe”Turquoise is next. I really love this color. Turquoise is all about creative expression and emotion. It radiates feelings of calmness, tranquility and renewal. 

“sunshine in lace” – Yellow ranges from bright and golden to warm and mellow. It can also be downright sallow. The cheery tones can be used as stress relievers. This quilt is made up of several shades of this optimistic color.

“adventures in purple” – I am in love with purple. The spirituality and power that it emits just makes me feel good when I look at it. It has a magical quality that sets it apart from other colors.

“flamboyant vessel” – Orange is wild and playful, friendly and happy. It’s a color that screams confidence, enthusiasm. It can turn a sour mood into a joyful one. The deeper orange shades reflect a desire for activity.

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