There are probably a million posts around the web with the title “change.” Such an overused yet important word. I’m in the thick of that very process. Creating art has been less than fulfilling for me lately. I’ve figured out why. I’ve been trying to produce “product.” Stuff that might sell instead of creating from my heart. Vowing to work from that still and wise place inside, I will work instinctively from here on out.


Creatively Sporty

Okay, so I love sports and I have an admission. My lengthy creative block has turned me into a procrastinating sports blogger. Yes, I have been commiserating with knowledgeable and amusing blog posters rather than creating meaningful art. And yes, I have dabbled in my supplies and experimented with various fabric scraps but nothing that I feel is good enough for anything more than a sample piece has emerged. What little colorful musings my mind has been generating has gone into typing words about my favorite team.

Although my block seems to be dissipating, I still don’t feel there yet. I must spend more time splashing colors on canvas and stitching my beautiful cloth. Creative juices only flow when they are poured. Maybe a little meditation is in order as well.

blog pic1